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Oracle’s Micros Payment System Is Attacked By Hackers

Oracle’s Micros Payment System Is Attacked By Hackers – Russian organized cyber criminals popular for data breaching into the bank and other retailers now hacked the software giant Oracle corp. as reported by Brain Krebs on his KrebsOnSecurity blogs. It is the Micros systems in Oracle division to get affected which is one of the biggest and most popular vendors in the field of Point-of-sale payment systems.

Around 700 computers in Micros is affected by this hack and it is determined that the hack was started with infiltration in a single machine first. This kind of hacking is really worrying due to the size and numbers of the machine while this incident is embarrassing to Oracle as well that is known to market their products mainly for security reasons.

Oracle’s Micros Payment System Is Attacked By Hackers

However, Oracle has acknowledged this data breach and stated in an undated letter that they have already identified and addressed the malevolent code in some of their legacy Micros systems and implemented some additional security measures to prevent recurrence. The letter also explains that it requires all the Micros customers to change their password for the Micros online support portal.

Oracle bought this Micros in 2014 and stated that Micros systems are being used in more than 330,000 sites in over 180 countries. This division of Oracle sells the Point-of-sales systems that are deployed in more than 2,00,000 food and beverages outlet, in more than 1,00,000 retail sites with more than in 30,000 hotels.

The scope and size of the hacking are still investigating and it is unclear how and when the cyber criminals got the first access to Oracle system. This incident was heard from the mouth of Micros customers and readers who reported of a large data breach in Oracle’s Micros payment division, after which the KrebOnSecurity started investigating the issue on 25th July 2016. (Read also : Cara hack game android)

This cyber criminal group is suspected of stealing more than $1 billion from different bank and retail sites in the last few years.